Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Nae a bad day.

A sunny day!  Yes it was still breezy, but so good to see the sun.

My walk on the Prom .  This is much shorter than I have done before.  I do hope to make it longer when I am fully better!

The sea was wild.  Huge waves and the wind whipping up the surf.

The Surfers made the most of it.

Black Headed Gull having a paddle.


Back home.  The DP has a new friend.  This is Hoover.  A wild Pheasant.  A clever Pheasant.  As most Pheasants I have come across wait till a car is coming and then cross the road I have never applied the adjective intelligent to any of them.  But there you go!

Afternoon in the Shedudio as always.  Finished Black Headed Gulls.  Ongoing Grey Seal.

Evening, out of the Dining Room windows.  Beautiful evening.

Cait Sith giving me the look.  I am doing what I am told.  But not happy.  I like the chair without the blanket......

The DP is away at another photographic society - a competition.  Sith's routine has been upset.

I have been watching a taped Virginia Wood -with an invited celebrity audience -
with tears of laughter rolling down my face.  Interspersed with amusement how young the celebrities look, some of them dead now too.  She was brilliant.

Nae a bad day.

Monday, 19 March 2018

Mother Nature Triumphs again.

No more snow.  Bit frosty first thing.  Otherwise fine.

I must be getting better.  Instead of washing bits of me at the sink I managed to perch on the bath shelf and do the whole body in one go.  It did take me a while to get my breath back to normal......

This afternoon I was off to the Prom and got out of the car.

The high tides recently, wild seas and strong winds have reshaped the bay at Fraserburgh.

These rocks have now covered the beach where most of the pushchairs go down onto the beach.  No go now.

The sand has been moved onto and off Dunes.

Sand also on the grass areas .

The Gull Gang were paddling .

Do not often see Oystercatchers swimming, but these had no choice as the waves came in.

A more 'normal' picture (and one to paint!)

And a wee Redshank.

Back home and into the shedudio.

Sith cat who is a male by the way!  Watching the birds.  The sun is on him showing his 'rusty' bits.

A painting begun of Balaclava Bill, the Grey Seal, who lives in the harbour.  Well fed by the fishermen.  Yawning.

Nature provides us with such wonderful sights.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

The Battle continues!

To get better.  Slept better last night, tho I still checked the time at least five times.... And on the loo trips checked outside for snow.  Which covered over just after dawn.  When the DP goes out, him being the Dawn Patroller.  So this is his photo up the defunct railway line.  (Which some idiots want to bring back the trains to this wonderful wildlife reserve.  Fortunately for once only thanks to the Tories there's no money, anywhere.)  Snow all gone now.

After lunch I was in the car and driving off to the Prom.  Still very windy, I can cope, just at the moment with the cold but not plus wind so remained in the car.

Wild seas.

The Gull Gang were having a whale of a time soaring and letting the wind move them.  There were loads up there.

Back home I watched this very clever Blackbird take food from a seed feeder.

I never have seen a Blackbird in the tree before.  Then when I had put the camera away he went onto feeding from a vertical hanging half coconut with fat in!!

I painted in between watching garden birds.

Still lots to do.

As this Blog is called Land of the Big Sky, reason being I always look up

Sitting in our dining room.

And then the icing on the cake.

Aurora Borealis.  The Northern Lights.  The DP is still taking photos so we just might see them dancing...... That has made me feel so much better.  

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Health improving.

After an almost sleepless night, thank you Steroids, I felt generally better this morning.

I got washed and dressed and after lunch I braved the wind, which has dropped a bit, and got down to the Shedudio.

By the time I got down there the DP had fed the birds and lit the woodburner, and the sun was shining!

I have lost count of the number of Blackbirds we have feeding, some will have immigrated.

I quite deliberately ignore the cost of bird food that we pay out for monthly as they give us so much pleasure.  

We do a weekly count for the  British Trust for Ornithology.

And as you all know I love the sea birds too.  Both these are on the Drawing Board.

Later today came the snow. A blizzard, but just a thin covering.  

If all goes well weather wise and health wise I will be on the Prom!  Although I hear the wind increasing and the forecast is for more snow overnight.  Do I care?  No.

Friday, 16 March 2018

Bringing the outside in, photographically.

So windy.  Probably a 'good' time to be ill, I would be literally blown over if I ventured out.

The DP went out and brought me some photos.

The 'Golden Horn' at the entrance to Fraserburgh Harbour.  

That car was in serious danger.  There are always a few idiots taking photos who do not think sensibly.

I like this one as it puts the sea in perspective to the Harbour and the town.  By Rose Dunbar.

The DP also brought me some pics for my daily 'fix' of Oystercatchers.

Sheltering by the rocks.

The wind remains with us for some days.  If I cannot, do not want, to brave the elements just to get to the shedudio the DP is to bring me up some art materials.

I took the steroids.....  

Thursday, 15 March 2018

And breathe.

Would that I could.

The DP had to drive to the Surgery.  Day 3 I think of this feeling like s**t.  

In for the 6 monthly Blood Pressure check, although I think it is a tad longer than that.  

It isn't just policemen, nurses look younger too.  Urine sample - fine. 

She wanted to take blood.  I said I really couldnt cope with that today.  I have narrow veins and always end up battered and bruised, so that was shelved.  

Blood Pressure taken.  

I mentioned my breathing problems, she asked to see me breathe.  "I do not see your diaphragm moving.  At all."

  She then fetched in my old friend C who got the stethoscope on me and then really told me off. 

For not getting to the surgery sooner.  "You have COPD for Gods sake."  

Antibiotics and steroids.  As steroids have accelerated my bone deterioration I was reluctant so we did a deal.  If I feel 'better after 2 antibiotic pills I do not have to take the steroids, but if not I do.'

I think this is a double edged sword as I doubt I will feel better after only two antibiotic pills!

Next week I am booked in with the breathing clinic nurse.  To check on the breathing, she will also take blood, and give me an E.C.G.  How can anyone complain about our wonderful NHS?

Oh and my Blood Pressure was fine!

It is so windy here I have stayed in the house.  Possibly tomorrow I will get back to the shedudio.  It is forecast still with the strong winds.

To be honest I am ill.  And fed up.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018


Wind here big time.  30 mph plus.  So no walk other than to the shedudio.

My painting apprentice came.

She painted this

Begun this I should have said.  

The DP took lots of photos of the Brown Hares the other morning.  Apparently to get a clearer photo you have to crawl on your belly to get nearer or they disappear.  Sadly his days of crawling through the undergrowth or across a field are long gone.  

My apprentice cleverly lightened the photo on her 'tablet' so she got some shading.  Had I painted, which I will, I would have gone for the shapes in silhouette.  But then we all have artistic licence do we not!

I began a painting of a pair of Black Headed Gulls taken by a friend, James Alexander, master of the Doric language.

I am still unsure as to whether I have a chest infection or not.  I have the antibiotics ready but am reluctant to take them as I am unsure.  I normally know but this time is different. I am supposed to check my spit, colour of, but am not coughing anything up to check.....which is a worry in itself.  TMI!  I have a blood pressure annual check tomorrow so am going to be cheeky and request the nurse listens in on the stethoscope.  

An interesting comment from  https://crafty-cats-corner.blogspot.co.uk  on my last post regarding drugs causing more problems with health issues.  I think this is true despite my lovely pharmacist who has frequently flagged up alarms when I have had yet another drug been prescribed for a 'new' ailment.