Sunday, 25 January 2015

In the pink.

Fraserburgh Moonlight Prowl has been raising funds to fight breast cancer for ten years.

Every year for ten years many women have joined in the Moonlight Prowl to raise even more funds.

As this year is the tenth their intention is to celebrate by having ten events through the year.  We, at the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses, are proud to be involved.

Last night our lighthouse at Kinnaird Head obtained all the necessary permissions to light the light in the old lighthouse.  This necessitates notifying the Harbour Board, shipping et al.

We then flood lit the tower and the light itself was PINK.

The Moonlight Prowlers gathered at the Lighthouse to have a special Burns Night Supper. To celebrate the women behind the man.

Happy Burns Night to all.

Monday, 19 January 2015


Bit of snow, lots of wind, some frost, well it is Winter. What else do we expect?!

Bet you weren't expecting that. Note the date, 13th January. 

The sunsets have been awesome.

The sna (snow) quite pretty.

So - to be expected - a painting of a Buchan Beast in a snow storm. 


Stay warm.  Not long til Spring now....

Friday, 9 January 2015

Exexutive or executed?

Apologies for being away for so long.  But oh boy have I been busy.

As vice chair of the trustees of the Lighthouse Museum, since the 3rd January when the Museum reopened after the festive break, I have been in almost every day.  The departure of our Business Manager has left the chair and I at the helm.  

Wouldnt be so-o-o hard were I being paid an executive salary, but I get nowt other than job satisfaction........

This morning I had to make the decision to close down the Lighthouse tours.  This was after I had to use my mobile for someone to come out of the Museum and open my car door, allow me to hang on to them from car to Museum, then heft the doors open to let me in.  The wind was so strong.  

Bits of somebody's roof were all over the car park.  Which was asbestos so the staff went into a state of panic.  (I think you have to break it up then inhale the dust, or eat it,  before it becomes a danger....)  

It was picked up and put into our store  and now has large DANGER ASBESTOS signs everywhere.  I really can do without all this hysteria.....

Fortunately I still manage my painting therapy.

Although, once finished, it did remind me of the staff in a huddle building up for another panic attack about something... 

They are lovely really!!

Friday, 2 January 2015

Better now.

2015 welcome.  Pleurisy gone. Allelulia.  Better now.

 Photo from tinternet. Blizzards on and off all day here, but not settling much.  Very windy, horizontal snow so possibly settled somewhere else?  Better now.

So dark though so not much painting done this afternoon.

Here is one I did earlier, a commission, which for once I enjoyed doing.  For Christmas, but now its been given by the commissioner I can show it.

I guess most of us have been looking back, over the last year, if not further.  You are not alone, so did I.  Pleased to say I think I am better, than I was on the painting front.

 Some things never change.  My urge to move furniture round...  Sadly I can no longer do this myself.  So from thought to it being done takes some time, while I drip feed the DP!  
"Dont you think..... would look better.....?"

Our book shelves were along the wall to the right of the window.  

Now, thank you DP, they are along the wall to the right of the doorway.

Much better!


Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Penguins - why not!

My Art facebook page is Buchan Birds and Beasts. ( One day it will title my web site......) ( when I get to grips with it.)

In the main that is what I draw and paint.  The birds and beasts are what I see every day.  I watch sea birds from the Stevenson Tea Room in the Lighthouse Museum.

And as I drive there and to I see the beasts in the fields.

From the Shedudio I watch the garden birds.

 Not many penguins.

As many of you know my husband, the Dawn Patroller, also loves the birds (particularly) and will take photographs of the beasts (with my voice in his head, on and on, I must be able to see the eyes......), is not a bad photographer and tramps aroond and aboot so doing.

My physical disability limits me from door to car, car to door and a seat at the other side.  
So to have him is one big bonus, (in many areas I hasten to add.)

Recently asked to paint  -  a Penguin - I looked to the DP.  Not exactly Buchan but in Scotland, where Buchan is, is also Edinburgh Zoo.  To which he had gone with the grandchildren.  Possibly to see a Panda..... But he also saw Penguins!

One happy customer.  

Now once I become inspired I do tend to get stuck in a groove.  So more followed.

And more

 Ok, not from Edinburgh. These were from the Antarctic. Just happened to have a friend who has just returned.....

And more fromEdinburgh

 Macaroni Penguin.

So when I was asked to paint another Penguin.......

"Nae bother."

First day out of sick bed - down to my framers.  (He just made me laugh and nearly choke.  Something about someone wanting a painting of .......)

Saturday, 27 December 2014

What happened after.

Here is hoping you all had a wonderful Festive time in whichever way you do it.

 Minerva McGonagall received her present a bit late. Yesterday. 

For some strange reason our Argos does not hold the same stock as our near neighbour, Peterhead, so had to travel the 10 miles from there to here, which we didnt want to, and strangely they didnt drive anywhere on Christmas Eve, or Day, and then took their time yesterday.

Though I doubt she knew that.  As soon as it was unwrapped and laid on the floor she was in. Curled up and purring very loudly. The cardboard box she had taken over was swiftly removed and now houses the tv the DP removed from the kitchen wall.  

Should explain that this house, when we moved into it had tvs in every room apart from the bathrooms.  

Now I dont know about you but I can only view one screen at a time, and when I go to bed I go to sleep, not to watch t.v. And when in the kitchen, I and the DP have other things on our minds than Jeremy Kyle or whoever during the day. 

 So when the dear friend recently departed, TO A NEW JOB , gave us a magnificent wine rack we both said , 
"Kitchen t.v. - remove."  

When we eventually work out the safest way to remove the electrics and aerials I will show you it.  But now the t.v. is in the cardboard box waiting to be freecycled.  And Min has her cosy cave.

Sith got booted out of his favourite chair for the present opening but didnt seem fussed.

As you can see the steroids have done their job and he is back to being a b-i-g cat.  Being weaned off the steroids now.  And blood tests coming back fine so whatever was wrong with him, although very expensive to neutralise, has gone. Well, fingers crossed.

The Dawn Patroller and I have had a good Christmas.  Just the two of us.  Not sure why we didnt have our ritual of Christmas Eve with friends.  We have shared this for years and years.  But perhaps as well as along with the lovely pressies from Santa et al, I recognised my old friend pleurisy had come to call.

So battling that, thanking my gp for giving me antibiotics always in my drawer, ibuprofen and paracetemol, and yes, at certain times, red wine (sadly not on prescription) I am slowly considering a shower tomorrow and actually getting clothes on I can go outside in.

My main present was this.



 Which quite frankly scared me to death.  I have been moaning for some time at the poor quality photos I take of my paintings and nagging the DP to do the photographing for me with his state of the art camera.

Well here I am full of painkillers, trying to focus, let alone focus a camera with all the different buttons and being told just squeeze then hold, so I will let you judge.

The above was taken with the old camera.

Ok, the picture is now finished as in background done and mounted, but is it a better zingy colour?

Hopefully better after.  As I will be.



Saturday, 20 December 2014

Christmas Prep final.

Christmas has not reeeeeaally started.  The tree is up.  And lit, despite my scissor / secateur effort.

Large parcels are arriving and being unpacked. Placed under said tree.  All our parcels are sent, and cards.

Empty parcels are siezed on and enjoyed.

We have had two Christmas get togethers, one lunch, one dinner and still one to come.

Every evening on go the Christmas Carols, songs, from the sublime choirs to the ridiculous. Slade.....

But for me, this year has a tinge of sadness.  

A very dear friend is away to pastures new.

So I am thinking more of the New Year with all its challenges and changes to come.

Good job there will still be 

Happy Christmas.

n.b. new header depicts the Northern Lights.  A lot of activity out there, keep watching.