Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Possible blogging gap.

It was too hot to walk yesterday.  I got as far as the beach car park, which was full.  Managed to slip into a space that was just being vacated, but not a disabled spot, so was cream crackered by the time I had extricated the chariot, without hitting the car alongside.

This Grumpy old woman scanned the beach.  Then looked to see if there were any feathered beach walkers.

Only these two Back Headed Gulls skulking by the rocks on the far left.

It was way too hot for GOW.  So I came home.

Noticed the Cornflowers in the Bucket were flowering.  Which surprised me.  Desperate to come out of the bucket.  Hope I can rescue them so they continue living.

Now the gap in blogging.

We have visitors.  The DP's sister and her husband and - the dog.

Which chases cats.  Sith remembers a previous visit.

This is where he went when he heard the dog's nails on the stairs coming down this morning.

I am therefore spending most of the time they are here closing doors and being extra nice to a traumatised cat.  He and I are spending most of the time shut into our bedroom.  He can get in and out through the window and his food is on the window sill too.  As, if it is in its normal place, the dog eats it.  The owners of said dog would let it wander about, so I made it clear re doors being shut so never the twain should meet.  I dread to think what could happen to their dog should it get Sithcat cornered......

So methinks a gap on blogging in case I say what I shouldnt.

Monday, 17 July 2017

The 'Proper Blog' of today.


I did my pulmonary physio exercises today - all of them.  

Due to more stupidity from Sithcat at Dawn I had to lie down and sleep after lunch.  Havent killed him yet, and he can't be deaf as boy has he heard me shout.  If anyone has any suggestions I would be most grateful.  Should we give him a plate of food later on so he stays asleep longer?

When I got up I went off for the walk.

Looks beautiful doesnt it.  

I am getting old.  There was so much bare flesh out there it was embarrassing.  Kids screaming so loud (I dont remember my kids screaming like that) and many dogs wanting water to drink.  Why do men in shorts have to constantly readjust their tackle?

For once it was more pleasant to do the Path of Doom, even though it was boiling hot and not even a munching noise from the now many White Lipped Snails.

Later on I had sat in the shedudio done a bit of painting and cooled down.  Back up to the house and then our new gardeners arrived.  Well.  They removed the hose for watering the patio plants and PUT IT BACK.  Instead of one strimming and one cutting grass.  One strimmed, then got another cutting machine out so it was all done.  And beautifully.  Well pleased.

One other thing we found from the last lot was a dead silver birch.  When they strimmed they had stripped off the bark, so we had a dead tree.  By the time I noticed this it just snapped off at the base.  Gardeners?

Quick Question = Quick Answer x 2

Blogger Chris Elliot said...
Jill, quick question. A friend took a photo of a bird while in the UK. It was about the size of a robin with a red breast but it appeared to have a blue head and back. Any ideas what it is?

The original quick question.  All I could think of was a male Chaffinch.  So the pic I put up was from the RSPB website.

Carol from West Lothian here. The blue on the crown, neck and shoulders should be grey and the blue on the beak is unusual.
Hey ho, only trying to help.
Anyone else want to chip in?
Chris Elliot can you show your friend........

Quick question = quick reply.

Chris Elliot.

Common Chaffinch ?

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Sunny Sunday.

Quite a breeze.  But that means there is more oxygen in the air.

The tide was well out.  Not many Gulls.

Lots more Harebells in bloom.

More White Lipped Snails.  From what I saw - but did not photograph - it is the breeding season.....

Still loads of 6 Spot Burnett Moths.

I had spent the morning doing lots of secretarial work for FASE4, the annual Art Exhibition.  I have also been successful in getting a Visiting Artist on board, Jane McMillan.


Although Sunny it was too breezy to do more potting on.   What a shame.  So I did some painting instead.

Saturday, 15 July 2017


Weather has been awful.  Persistently rained.  Mist/cloud rolling in and back, tad chilly too.

I managed an hour down the shedudio and did some painting.

Really depressing day.

To cheer me up here is a photo I took last month.  But this is how the sky was today.  And I did see some bees on the garden plants.  So positive thoughts for tomorrow.

Friday, 14 July 2017


Just happened to be the day the exercises fell on.  I did them all apart from the Steps which to be honest was one step too far.....  Sorry.  But it was.  I will do it tomorrow.

Lots of bill paying in the morning, well someone has to do it.  Shuffling money around too. I am surprised the bank hasnt accused me of money laundering.  I like to be sure there is plenty in the current account while moving stuff into the savings.  And for some daft reason you cant pay a bill directly from the savings, which is why the amount was put there, so I dont spend it on other frivolities. As if.

After lunch it was off to do the .59 of a mile.

A beautiful day.

The Gull Gang abluting, drinking..they can drink both sea water and fresh.  Where the Kessock Burn enters the sea is still the most popular spot.  A mixed cocktail!

Up in the Dunes there were a few White Lipped Snails.  Mainly on Hogweed.

This was never going to be a good idea.  But 5 stars for trying.

The Herring Gulls in Fraserburgh show how polite and restrained one can be when seeing people eating fish and chips.  Just doing a dance here, dont I deserve just one chip?

Home and down to the shedudio.  The small canvases are proliferating as the DP has fixed their hanging equipment.  I have run out of stands.....

I was excused potting on of perennials as all the potting compost was used for this beauty purchased today by the DP and potted by him.

A Canna Lily.  Whether it survives the winds......  It is getting a bit of shelter here.  I can see it.  So promising.  And its Friday so who really cares?