Thursday, 18 January 2018

Sorting out.

No more snow.  But some frost on top and still icy and cold.  Although the wind has dropped.

So we still have the snow.


My intentions of extending the distance on my walk were stymied by the sheet ice on the Prom.  I dare not risk my fragile bones.

A trio of Black Headed Gulls having fun in the surf.

And a Redshank.

Back home I finished the pen and ink sketch of the Redshanks.

More mundane stuff.  I have been in contact with the company with the lime green chairs.

Both the DP and I and hopefully Sith like the chairs so I have ordered them.  Guess what NO delivery charge???!!!

A tad confused.  The reply to my rant was that they used an experienced delivery team.  Which apparently therefore need more money to apply that experience in the North East of Scotland.  Hmm.  

These are now coming as a small parcel?  In fact I am totally confused.  Two chairs with footstools are a small parcel? Yes I do have the measurements.  Not that small.  Will keep you informed, tho I am as bored as you are with all this.  

I have also ordered an orange blanket for one of the chairs for Sith to sit on and thereby not damage said chair.  That is from Amazon who use the post office who deliver countrywide without any problems.....

I also now have the chest of drawers from under the stairs into our bedroom.  I hope to sort out my clothes once and for all.  Jumpers, anything that will fold will go into the drawers.  Lots will be going to charity shop.  One always declutters in a new year.  

Sorting out.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Snow/Sna (Doric).

The DP made my breakfast!  His bird watching/photographer mate arrived at around 7 a.m. but it had taken him so long to get here and on snow/ice packed roads they decided to call today's jaunt off.  

I was very relieved, not just to have him prepare my breakfast, but not to have to worry all day. 

After lunch the sun was shining, blue skies.  So off I went.

Always seems odd to see the beach and sand dunes with snow on!

Does not deter the surfers.

It was bitterly cold.  And a strong wind, well over 20 mph.  The chariot kept taking off.

I had intended to increase my distance in walking but the wind and cold defeated me.  Although I had earlier exceeded my previous counts on the various pulmonary physio exercises so was well pleased.

Lots of poses from the Oystercatchers for me to draw.

Not sure what happened here.  The car had come off a track to a farm. Just up the road from us. 

Down to the shedudio.  Masses of birds being fed by us.  We have two lots of Robins.  This one kindly posed. 

Loads of Starling, Crows, Rooks, Jackdaws wheeling about as the sky darkened and the snow returned.

This afternoons work.  A Redshank, there are two others lurking in the background.

So that is my day nearly over.  Goodnight to all.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018


Forecast for snow here, tomorrow night.  It was sunny today. Although we had a short power cut, so the DP went round and reset all the clocks after it came on again.  Then later we realised there was more to it as the central heating did not go off when it should have.  So we were burning wood in the wood burner and oil too.   Which is not the plan at all.  Best laid plans.  Hopefully reset to what we want it to do.

I went for my walk.  I had every intention of walking further after the advice from yesterday.  But it was sooooooo cold.  I managed to walk to where I normally do and then scuttled back to the car.  But before that I managed some photos, and took great breaths of the sea air.

And still the surfers, there were three.

Not many people, or dogs today.

Herring Gulls.

Blackheaded Gulls.

Three Redshank.

I love anything with orange legs.  Two Redshank.

Home again.  Shedudio. Exercise for today.  From one of my own photos.

Pen and ink.  Oystercatchers.

Tomorrow the DP is off on a bird watching jaunt with his friend Alex.  To Inverness.  I am worried,  There are lots of warnings about snow just now.  But they seem to think it is fine.  

Actually I am more worried I have to do my own breakfast.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Blue Monday?

Apparently we are all supposed to be in the depths of a deep depression?  Never heard of Blue Monday before.  Well I am not in the depths.

Not blue either, Green.

We both like this chair.  Unfortunately this is one of those companies who advertise free delivery and then want to charge £45 because you live in Aberdeenshire.  Really?  Stagecoaches are long gone.  I would have bought two of these.  But.... I will try and contact them and ask if they are aware that the Scottish and British Government are looking into these rip off charges and could they reconsider, otherwise I will shop elsewhere.

It was sunny today and hardly any wind.

I did my pulmonary physio exercises after a long gap with having the chest infection and did very well.  Pleased with myself.  After lunch I headed off to the Prom.

Plenty Oystercatchers.

Herring Gulls getting their adult plumage.  In the background Blackheaded Gulls.

Who all flew off when two galloping dogs appeared.

But they did come back again.

Then it was to the local hospital for my regular chat with my physiotherapist.  He checks my diary of exercises.  Generally gives lots of encouragement.  Today I asked him why my oxygen levels were always fairly high.  He explained that the air going in gets sorted by the parts of the lungs and that my obstruction was in the upper airways.  So the reason for doing the exercises is to keep all parts of my body working and using the oxygen because if you just sit then your body shuts down, including your heart...................... Why has no-one ever spelled this out to me?  And the other plus for exercises it releases chemicals in your brain which makes you feel good.  

So am I blue?  Most definitely not.  Weather permitting I shall walk a bit further every day and up the levels of each pulmonary physical exercise.  Ha.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Spending money.

When we came to look at this house.  We saw the units on the facing wall in the dining room and I asked the vendor, "Can you talk me through this?"

The black shiny units.... "Well it's storage isnt it, " she replied.  So on your left are cupboards.   On your right a fridge above and freezer below, two wine coolers, temperature controlled, drawer, cupboard below, glass shelving, drawer, cupboard below.

On viewing I was thinking, "Well that lot has to come out."  But then you move in and fill up the cupboards and drawers and fridge and freezer and once a year the wine coolers!

So it was go with the flow.  

The dining table and chairs came from John Lewis and I love them.  Then the two black leather recliner chairs with footstools.  Not from John Lewis.  Well they looked good.  But oh dear not worn very well.  Not proper leather, think it was bonded leather?  So it has worn on the arms.  Sith cat uses the one on the right which is quite frankly now disgusting in having worn away so badly with his claws.  The proper leather suite we have in the living room moved here with us and still looks beautiful despite Sith's claws and wear no tear.  And when we remember to feed it it is beautiful.

So this year the decision was to replace the chairs in the dining room.  I am trawling through the internet for lime green or orange bucket seats.  Then the DP tells me he does not like bucket seats.  Wants a recliner.

I want something funky, cleanable and resistant to cat claws.  Back on with the search.

Today I have not been out other than to the shedudio.  Wind heading to gale force, gloomy, rain and snow forecast for mid week.  Hope to get out tomorrow.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

A Better Day.

It was windy, and still is.  But the sun was around and it was not so cold.  So I went out.

Ah, the Oystercatchers.  They and I faced into the wind.  

Tiger Hill - the name of the big sand dune, and a person standing on top.

Below a black thing floating in and out.  Monday this week there was a bomb from WW1 appeared and had to be controlled explosioned.  Fraserburgh was a place where bombs not used previously were jettisoned as the Germans went home and apparently the Moray Firth is still full of them.  I think the black thing floating in and out is a plastic oil/petrol 'can' so do not panic.

Great Black Backed Gulls, Skurries, Black Headed, all there, the Gull Gang.

I didnt walk far and flew back to the car with the wind behind me as I turned.

Later a bit more painting, 

Lots more to do to this one.  

Makes a change from two feet and a beak.

Friday, 12 January 2018

Windy - again.

I really hate the wind.  Many years ago when our four kids were small all we could afford for a holiday was our 6 berth tent.  Bought cheap as cheap in the Rent a tent shop.  (Rent a tent seem to have gone forever.)  

We all loved camping.  Then one year we went to Whitby.  Camped on a camp site on the cliff.  

As we went to bed I said to the DP "It's a bit windy."  and he said, "We'll be fine."  

Next thing was a haloo from the coastguard telling us to evacuate the cliff.  This is in the pitch dark, raining, and I have 4 young children to get into the car and drive off the cliff not knowing in which direction.  I do know we lost the nappy bucket and my gold earrings, but the rest is a blur.  We managed the camp site pub where everyone else was.  Then the roof of said pub threatened to lift off....  We did survive and got home.  The DP was very proud our tent was one of the last to blow down.  It took over a week for said tent to dry out draped in the house.

So I do not like the wind.  And it is back.

So no walk today.

I would have had a go had it been sunny.  But it was ultra gloomy.  Plus I had taken my second monthly pill, to prevent breaking bones, particularly the spine which I had a fracture.  And still not sure whether there was to come a side effect, the list of which are horrific.  I am still here.  Hey ho.

So my walk was to the shedudio.

On the drawing board, Tommy, the pony.  Watercolour.  

Windy again tomorrow, but I will get out and probably just get to the railings on the Prom and hold on tight.