Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Its the taking part not the winning.

Now getting to grips with our annual exhibition at Dalrymple Hall.  21st - 23rd October.

The first of much bunting.  Each pennant portrays someones idea of "My Town."  i.e. Fraserburgh.  Our Community Challenge involves everyone from nursery age upwards.  Glad someone else is doing sterling work on this one.

I spent the morning on basic clerical stuff, minutes, agendas etc for the next meeting on Thursday.  Later I emailed round all the artists I know and Photographers.  Inviting them to exhibit.

Then after lunch off to have my hair cut.  Most of the clippings went down my back.  I had to completely strip off on my return and change my clothes.....Itching like mad.

In between I managed a plod along the Prom.  Bit further today but still not built up to the .59 of a mile.

The sea was much calmer.  The sun was out and there was little wind.

Two hopeful Surfers.

This was the ONLY member of the Gull Gang.  A Blackheaded which couldnt decide whether to bathe or not to bathe.

And this very poor picture (through a mucky window from the shedudio) is a Siskin.  The DP was concerned he hadnt seen any.  

The other failure was my camera was on charge when we saw a Spotted Flycatcher on the fence and neither of us managed a photo.  It was the first time I had seen one too.  Hey ho you cant win them all.  

Swamped with secretarial duties for FASE4 not winning anything much at all.  

Monday, 18 September 2017

What is life if full of care we have no time to stand and stare.

This morning - no pressure.  Lovely.  After lunch I was off to the local hospital for my physiotherapy check up and all was good.  

After that I was off back to the Prom.  Oh -so good.  No rain, no wind.

Hi Guys.  Quite a rough sea outside the bay.



Oyster Catchers.

Black Headed Gull.

Bath time.  A Linnet and a House Sparrow, the latter having a bath and the Linnet thinking about it.

S0 good to be able to walk and no pressure on getting back to meet and greet.  

When I did come home I went down to the shedudio and did a bit of painting and some bird watching.  All good for the soul.

We open studio peeps were asked to get email addresses from our visitors.  For a survey.  Which I did.  I downloaded the form so to do.  Now NEOS want me to type all the email addresses as they can't read the filled in form sent in as a scanned document.  So why send me a form?  So yet more time out of my life to ensure my visitors stand a chance of winning a voucher to spend for filling in said form.  Never again.  Never again.

I will do it.  From here on in I stand and stare.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Just enjoying life.

I closed the doors on the shedudio today.  4.40 p.m. Told the DP I was taking early retirement!  He went down and cleared up the cake the remaining short bread, plates, cake forks, and spoons, milk and sugar.  Had anyone turned up as last night at 10 to 5 I would have killed/ignored them.  Really had enough.

I spent many years in child care.  Child minder, ran various Playgroups, working with behaviourally challenged kids, then Inspector of Childrens Day Care, I havent lost the knack.. Just the energy.  So delightful to have the children this NEOS week.  

I will not do NEOS again.  I shall have open shedudio at weekends when I feel like it.  Who knows how successful that will be ?  But if people know they can come along and have a cup of and a piece and just chat, have a go at some painting, see mine, who knows.  I am in there anyway.  But not for 9 days on the trot.  And no signage.  No.  NEOS committee has not been helpful.

Tomorrow whatever the weather I am off to the Prom.  I have my physio check up in the afternoon. Either before or after I will be ploughing up and down the Esplanade.

Back to normal. Hah.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

One more day of NEOS.

This morning I managed to wash my hair and the rest and get in the car and drive to the Prom.  Before lunch time.  Quite an achievement.  Having gone more than a week without driving was weird.  And not seeing the sea.   I was on withdrawal symptoms big time.

I sat in the car.  The odd walker was obviously fighting the wind as they went past me.  So no way was I getting out.  7 stone and 4 feet 10 ?  I would have been blown a few miles .  Just to commune quietly and look at the sea was enough for me.

Then it was back to the current day job.

These two delightful young artists (and their Mum who also had a go,) really enjoyed experimenting with Brusho.  You sprinkle it on and then wet it and - wow.  The colour explodes.

And look behind them.  The shedudio door is open.  No wind, no rain.  Wowee.

I also had a visit from a photographer who has kindly agreed for me to do a painting from his photograph of 2 Razorbills.  Obviously checking out how I was going to wreck it or otherwise.

Just wait and see.....But he was impressed with what he could see....

After that it was 4.45p.m. I close the shedudio at 5 so I tootled off up to the house and 

And someone walked past the front of the house so I had to charge off with the chariot and be all smiley and welcoming again.  Finally locked the door at 5.20.p.m.  The first glass went down quickly.

One more day to go.

Friday, 15 September 2017

NEOS Two days to go.

Exhausted from speaking, welcoming, demonstrating..

But it has been good.

These two lovely people were persuaded to have a go at putting paint onto paper  and then enjoyed it.

An exciting time.   The pink footed geese begin to return here for the Winter.

And among them is this Snow Goose.  Which was enough reason for the DP to shoot off  and photograph it.  My comment as to how it looked like a domestic goose did not go down well.

I look forward to the weekend being over.  Then I can get back onto the Prom.  The forecast for Monday is better....

Thursday, 14 September 2017

NEOS Day 6.

Well I had a few visitors.  Enough to not let me take photos of the paintings I was doing in between visitors!

This lady came to visit.

A fellow NEOS exhibitor, as a potter.  I kept thinking I know this woman from somewhere.  Sith cat was tootling down from the house and I warned this lady and my other visitor at the time and asked if they were bothered about cats.  No they both said and this lady went to open the door for Sith cat.  Well, Sith poked his nose in and then backed off, most unusual, and then went back to the house....  What?  Most unusual.

It subsequently turned out that this lady was one of the vets where we go.  And therefore one presumes Sith recognised her and was no way coming in to the shedudio with her there!!

Anyway she had great fun creating some art.  

Some answers to questions.  We have had tourists visiting. In fact September is the time for the silver tourists to visit.  Schools back etc.  But they have struggled to find me with the lack of signage.  

The NEOS hierarchy telling me to take the signs down.... Has not helped.  

My visitors recently have told me about the plethora of signs on junctions which I was told was a no no. Hmmm.  I was the idiot who posted on facebook the pictures of my signs which NEOS had asked us to do.  And then told me to take them all down.

Mouse painting - funnily enough I have started a mouse painting.  Harvest mouse.  Quite happy to post to abroad.  Mounted but not framed as that involves glass.  But not sure about how payment would proceed?  Will think about it.  Once NEOS is over I am going to concentrate a bit more on my Buchan Birds and Beasts facebook page shop and how to do the transfer of money.  So watch this space.

Ah well three more days to go.  Weather still windy and wet so I do not feel too bad at not being able to walk the prom.  But I miss it terribly.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

North East Open Studios Day 5.

My fellow artists opening their own working studios are all in agreement.  This NEOS has been - well - not very good.  

The punters/visitors are obviously preferring visiting where there are a horde of artists all in one place.  

However, this bodes well for FASE our open exhibition at the end of October.  Which will be in Dalrymple Hall, arts centre in Fraserburgh.  So once NEOS is over I will be rounding up all the artists to exhibit there.

Sith cat waiting patiently for the visitors to arrive..

Perhaps I should just open a cafe.

But Sith was happy.

These ladies are all friends.  So I do not think there was one painting looked at.  But we all had a laugh.  Which is what friends are for after all.

Earlier I had three other visitors.  Sold one mug.  And the gentleman who called in is bringing his daughter/daughter in law ?  to view as he reckoned "It was just up her street."

Appreciation of my work is quite sufficient to put me on cloud 9.

Then after our dinner I was ramping up the sound on the 2 Cellos when lo and behold....

Right outside the dining room patio doors.  Cloud 10 I think.


Hopefully more visitors tomorrow.  Both Sith and I live in hope.