Saturday, 19 May 2018

Struggle day.

Managed to avoid the wedding, well most of,  and the football.

Got to the Prom as usual.  Got out of the car, hung on to the railings.  Wind was plus 20 mph.  In my face if I had set off, instead I returned to the car and came home.

Today has been a day struggling with breathing and moving.

So the afternoon was in the shedudio.  Preparing canvases for painting on, which means painting them with ground.  One I grounded yesterday I began a painting of two Gannets.

The canvases I am now preparing are bigger than the ones I have done before.  Exciting.

I have a Hare planned for an even bigger one than this.

My ankle has got much better.  The DP redressed it today.

Hoping tomorrow is less of a struggle.

Friday, 18 May 2018

Friday fun.

Another Sunny day. 

I did my pulmonary physio exercises this morning, apart from sit to stand, I could feel me bones disintegrating......right hip creaking. Sod it.  Ankle plaster hanging on by a thread.

Managed to get to the Prom.

 Herring Gulls gather at the Kessock Burn, where it enters the sea.

Lobster boat returning to harbour.

Back home, and into the shedudio.

And here is Dyson with his harem.  I thought, hoped, the females were all sitting on eggs.  Every other bird in our garden are frantically feeding themselves at the bird feeder and them zooming around collecting grubs and insects to feed their young.  But no, this lot wander in and feed, and snooze.  

We still have the pair of Grey Partridges visiting too and again no sign of any nesting.  

On Sunday there is to be a 'Bird Race' by local bird watchers and our garden may well be visited. It is a timed event and who sees the most species in that time wins.  So 'our team' fingers crossed.

As we have Lesser Redpolls.


And Siskins.  And all the rest.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Thursday .

Later than usual for my walk up and down the Prom.  Tide still well in.  Herring Gulls doing a lot of nodding, which is presumably some sort of social interaction, or maybe partnership bondings?  

Surprising to some there are Jackdaws down on the sea edge feeding.  

I love the way they walk.

I was a bit later as I had an appointment with the Nurse Specialist.  Turns out my pressure sore is infected.  As my right lung does not work hardly at all I always sleep on my right side - so have developed a pressure sore on my right ankle.  So a mountain of antibiotic cream has been applied and a plaster and somehow I have to keep it on til next Tuesday. When I have another appointment.  

No pressure there then.

A Lesser Black Backed Gull saying hello to himself.

Anyone who gardens, or scoots past with a chariot like me, cannot be unaware how this year things out there are very different.  We have never seen our clematises have so many buds/flowers.

Seven years we have lived here.  Apart from the archway we have planted the two on the fence/border.  The one on the archway was here but has never shown anything other than the one feeble bloom.  This year they are all wow to go.

The Rheum Palmatum brought with us from the last house are going great guns.

And I discovered these today.  Jessica, please tell me these are not American.  But proper Bluebells.

Another success is the Thrift planted last year and spreading.

Thursday a positive day.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

An invitation.

Another beautiful sunny day, but not forgetting we are in the North East of Scotland, still the stiff and cold breeze.

High tide.  You would think Gulls would be used to it and be more prepared.

But no.  Swamped by a wave off they go.

A stranger heading for the harbour.  

From Newry, Northern Ireland.  

My painting mojo is back, thank goodness.  A Brown Hare the DP came across the other morning.  On the drawing board.

And a sky begun also, which will have Thrift in the foreground.  Now I do not often paint floors (flowers)  so fingers crossed.

But the big news of today is my lovely joiner came with a reasonable quote for the shedudio to be double glazed, with doors that will not rattle and I will be windproof as well as toasty warm with the stove.  The windows will not have the wee frames so I can photograph the birds outside without the camera focussing on the frames rather than the birds.  Heaven awaits.  And a grand opening.  You are all invited.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018


Well pleased with all your comments on my market research!  I think I should open a shop with the whole shebang!  Bags I agree with totally and they will certainly be graced by one of my paintings.  Cards I do anyway.  Quite fancy the enamel mug, and coasters ....

I now have to select paintings to reproduce.  What fun.  This chap can do a computer generated image so I can see before I order/buy/put in the facebook shop (Buchan Birds and Beasts).  But hoping also to solve the annual Christmas present problem.....

In amongst all this the DP and I now have a joint exhibition.  At Cafe Connect in Fraserburgh.  This is an internet cafe.  Employs adults with special needs.  Provides all with an internet connection, is a charity, brill.  20% of any of our sales will go to the charity.

Some of the DP'S photos and some of my original paintings.

I managed a walk on the Prom this afternoon.  Very warm and sunny.

There were quite a few Gannets fishing in the bay.  They soar upwards while looking down and then dive very fast to catch the fish they have espied.  Difficult to catch them in a photograph, I managed three!  The other photos consisted of a bit of spray and sea.

The small lobster boats were way out so a bit blurry.

I am sure a Gannet in some shape or form will be adorning a bag, mug and coasters!  Thanks again.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Market research.

Weather much better today.  Sun shone the whole day.

My walk on the Prom was not long but refreshing as the breeze was coming off the North Sea.  I hope my health improves and I can start to extend the distance.

Once home I had a visit from a very nice man who shares with me two friends.  His business is Photogifts.

In the past I have purchased mugs with my paintings reproduced on them, from another company.  But, as ever, wanting to shop local.

They have been a success.  Christmas Presents and birthday gifts!  Sorted.  But also have sold quite a few.  My visitor today had lots of things to show me that I could have my images on.

Different styles of mugs, sizes and finishes, and last my favourite a tin mug!  Remember them?

He also does cushions, place mats and coasters, key rings, bags, well loads of stuff.  So here is the market research.  Which would you go for?  Imagine you are at an art exhibition or looking at an artists work but do not want or cannot afford a painting.  I would be interested and it would help if you could comment, could be none!

Our pair of Siskins.  We are hoping there are two pairs as so far we have seen this pair and another female.....  All our garden birds are now nesting and searching for grubs and insects for their chicks, but have a quick grab of some protein for themselves from our feeders.

Weather forecast for tomorrow is good. .......

Sunday, 13 May 2018

It rained today and never stopped.

Well it has now.  But that is too late.

Not feeling 100% the DP accompanied me to the Prom.  

The photographs are his.

Most people had umbrellas.

Oystercatcher paddling.

Skurry having a bath.

This dog was so enjoying itself.

The DP and I are having a joint exhibition at Cafe Connect in Fraserburgh.  Photographs and Paintings.  Things like this seem a good idea when one is asked.  Then suddenly its tomorrow and loads of work to get it all together.  Nearly there.  But not quite which is probably why I am not feeling 100%.  

I have done all the labels, we have sorted out what is to be exhibited, but now I still have to do the biography lark for two of us.  What do you put.  He takes photos, I paint from them.  What else is there to say?  I will sleep on it.  Apparently it is not going to rain tomorrow.

But it did today.