Sunday, 1 May 2016


The Dawn Patroller and I have decided to donate our bodies to medical science.  Just a cop out really for having to pay for a funeral, but if they have enough bodies to be going on with you can still end up having to pay for a funeral.  I havent seen any of the frugal blogs discuss this so far.  Death I mean. It is a very expensive event.  Plus it requires a lot of organising for those having to sort it out.   And for why?  If my body can be used to improve knowledge for the future treatments of all thats wrong with me.  Great.  You die.  You make a telephone call.  A respectful team come along and remove your body.  End of.  Two years later, if you have requested it you get the ashes.  No charge.

Donating your body to science is a concept most people are familiar with but few know how to go about. In fairness, those who do end up leaving their body to science don't talk about it afterwards, so the process isn't something that's become common knowledge. It's not a matter of having your carcass dropped off at the nearest laboratory; there are a lot of legal matters to attend to. But even if there weren't, there's not much a typical lab can actually do with a human body, not unless they urgently need a cumbersome and extremely morbid paperweight.  The Guardian.

Basically neither of us are religious.  Funerals I avoid where possible.  I prefer to stick with my memories of the person alive.  Not necessarily well, but alive. And there is the whole hassle and cost of organising such an event.  We had, and have friends who have gone down this route and they had nothing but praise for the way death was handled.  You have to discuss it with family and amend your will.  It is an easy thing to do. Just google it.

But then you or who is left has the problem of closure.  I went to a tea party today in memory of a friend who's body had gone off to medical science.  

Well I shall be earmarking an amount of money for everyone to get totally p****d. listen to 60s music and boogie the wheel chairs and the walking frames.  One can decide not to pay out for the funeral but a celebration of the life of the dead one should be just that.

A further point on death. On Friday evening there was yet another road traffic accident at the end of our lane so vehicles were diverted down and past our house.  One after the other and very fast came zooming down.  On the verge our new cat Martha was mown down and killed.  As the vehicles tried to squash past each other on a lane so narrow we have passing places and didnt see the cat as in their haste they churned up the verge where she was.  So that night I had the p**s up and the next night .  We celebrate a cats life with a tree planting.  Not a bad idea for all of us.

Thursday, 28 April 2016


The photographs are by the Dawn Patroller.  

The Ythan Estuary The Ythan Estuary is the tidal component of the Ythan River, emptying into the North Sea 19 kilometres (12 mi) north ofAberdeen, Scotland. Wikepedia.

It is also a favourite for seal pupping.

Little Egret.

Grey Heron.

The DP takes the photographs and some of them I turn into a painting.

He enjoyed himself today.  He also saw Avocets but in the distance.

I enjoyed myself as I went to the hair dressers. Well I enjoyed the end result. NOT the instrument of torture to get there. The rubber hat and the hair being pulled through with a crochet needle.

When I finally got to breathe easily, after I had arrived at the salon, the lady waiting for her personal torture asked me if I was okay and why did I have the chariot.  So I explained about COPD and the chariot was a walking aid which really helped.  

She said, " I have incontinence."

And do you know what I said "You wont want to cough then."

I really should get my brain into gear.

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Seeing and hearing.

Can you see the hearing aids?  Hope not.  But they are there.  And boy what a difference. Its like Niagara Falls n the loo. Crashing waves when I move. A drum roll when the cat skitters across the floor. And the Halleluia Chorus of bird song when I am in the shedudio is just - wow.

Just before we set off to have the hearing aids sorted I had a text from the optician to say my new glasses were in.  Too much excitement.  But I coped.  Not too sure about the choice of frames I made but hey ho. As I swanned out a little old lady with blue tinge perm looked horrified at me. Probably the same age as me and totally disapproved of my choice. Well I didnt much care for her severe black efforts either.

My new glasses will now enable me to complete this commission.  I have always been able to see to drive.  Since the cataract operation my long sight is back to 20/20 but the fine detail caused some eye ache and doubt. Now the new glasses have returned my vision to - well - just watch this space.

Saturday, 16 April 2016


Ten days ago this wee cat made a determined onslaught to move in with us.  And won.

We had havered as to whether to get another cat when Minerva finally had a tree planted in her memory. (With her underneath it.) (Quince).  But for various reasons, one 12 year old remaining, we not getting any younger, etc. we didnt.  

Along came this pretty thing and Sith was happy about it.  We realised that altho he and Minerva were never cuddle pals he missed another cat's presence.  

To cut a long story short we contacted the Cat Protection League and she was a stray and claimed very quickly by an overjoyed family.  She didnt come from that far away, but far enough away for their to be a mystery as to how she had found her way here.

So with no more ado. We got back in touch with the Cat Protection and here is Martha.

Settled in very well.  One thing we did not know is a cat door is something new for her.  So just waiting for the weather and my health to improve before we show her how to use it.......

Monday, 21 March 2016

Being Thankful

That I am still here !

After this experience 4 weeks ago I realised I had to be thankful there were only damaged ribs.

And after the cataract operation  2 weeks ago thankful I no l0nger need to wear glasses.

That I met, in person, my newest grandchild.

Not forgetting the beautiful place where I live.

And finally thankful to be married to the Dawn Patroller, who writes in the sand to me for my birthday today.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Bat watching.

Common pipistrelle is one of the UK's most common bat species. It is a small bat which is found in a wide range of habitats including farmland, woodlands and suburban and urban habitats. It often roosts in crevices around the outside of houses and buildings. It mainly eats small flies. Data on the population trends of the common pipistrelle are collected through two surveys: Field Survey and Roost Count. 

Bat Conservation Trust.

As the earth tilts our days get longer. This evening as we ate our evening meal at 6 p.m. we
enjoyed watching the bats zooming back and forth past our patio windows.  

We knew they were pipistrelle as we have a bat detecting machine which maximises the noise they are making so we can hear it and identifies the bat making the noise.  Cool eh?

Unfortunately we dont know how to take a photograph of such a creature zooming past our windows.  But the Dawn Patroller is on the case.  He now has a lens and a scope for everything.  Hmm.

Earlier I had done my walk on Fraserburgh Esplanade.  Now into our second day of fantastic weather.

This lovely dog made me laugh.  Once let off he ran and ran and ran.  Round in circles and they got bigger and bigger.  Last seen heading to the next bay with the owner in hot pursuit.  Hope it all ended happily.  One batty dog.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Seeing clearly.

Wow what a colourful world we live in !!!  I must have been walking round with my mouth open all week in amazement at the difference now I no longer have a cataract.

Before the op. I knew there were birds there, Could probably guess as to what type of bird they were.  But now - just think of the song, " I can see clearly now...."

I have been going through my paintings and wonder how I would now paint the colours.  Down in the shedudio I have just watched the brilliant colours of the birds coming to the feeders.  But it wont be long before I paint again. 

Next ?

My ribs are almost better.  Not bad for an old woman. Its 3 weeks today since the accident and I just have one area still giving me jip.

So, as the insurance paid up.  I went from this

to this.  

Matches my eyes which I can now see clearly are blue.