Sunday, 22 October 2017

And breathe.

All done.  However this morning was the weekly Alendronic Acid pill.  

Which more or less wipes out the whole day.  

Plus I should not have gone in to the exhibition yesterday.  The DP says interfering - but I went in to help.  And did too much .  Hey ho.  

And of course it continued today without me, and continued to be a success.  Apart from the ace photographer the DP taking photos on his phone of the presentation for Best in Show and the camera was not connecting which he only just discovered........

BUT he did remember I loved this painting and bought it.

Sue, The Cottage at the End of a Lane blog.  You asked what the circular things were.

Stretched canvases on a circular frame.  Painted in acrylic.  The artist loves cats, and is inspired by Celtic art, Mary Jane Torrance.  But I like mine the best.  Now on the dining room wall.  

The dining room doubles up as an art gallery.  Now my stuff has come back from the exhibition, nothing sold apart from a few cards, huh, I am having a swap around.  I may as well hang in the dining room the paintings I really, really like.  Then change the shedudio hung paintings round.  

In the dining room will also be some of the DP's latest photographs.  He didnt sell either.  I know I am biased but they were very good, and I will post them when he has recovered from the day and sends them to me!

I am moaning again but nothing was displayed well this year and there are to be some considerable changes laid down in stone for next year.  (I was not alone in my moans - other artists have also commented.)

That does depend of course on if I am still breathing.

Saturday, 21 October 2017

FASE 4 Exhibition.

Our first open to the public day.  The DP went down to find a lot of his photographic exhibition was on the floor.  Apparently the velcro was past its sell by date and the people applying it had decided that less is more and hadnt applied enough to hold an ant on a board let alone an A4 sized photo.  

I went down later to do my stint on the front desk.  This involves meeting and greeting, telling visitors where to go and flogging raffle tickets.  

I discovered, which I probably already knew, that talking needs a lot of breath.  Couldnt cope.  Drifted off to view the exhibition.

This is a display of work done by one of our committee.  Who took up two tables.  While everyone else was trying to find space for the many exhibits brought in.  Questions are to be asked.  No lets be honest.  Rants are to take place.  Everyone else's work has been hung .

All over the place.

Why did not every artist get their work displayed together?  My three paintings of Kinnaird Head would have had far more impact had they been displayed together instead of hung with other very good paintings, but do not relate. 

 I am sure there will be other artists annoyed at this.

See - it can be done.

Hey ho.  We have the 'wash up meeting' early November when hopefully this will be sorted as we move on to next year.

Not happy.

Friday, 20 October 2017

No blood spilt - tho very nearly.

Putting on a Visual Art exhibition.  DONT!  

Mature people getting into such a state.  Whoooo.

Having done, most of, my clerical duties which is mostly unseen or noticed, I did not have to be in the exhibition hall.  When I did venture in to ensure all was running smoothly I was verbally attacked by some.  I can take that in my stride as I appreciate the stresses of taking in exhibits, doing the labelling, making sure the money is right etc.  Then being faced with displaying all the exhibits.  Particularly today.  My clerical duties and social networking has been so successful there were rather a lot more exhibits than we have ever had before.......

Howsomever.  Its done.  

Our guest Artist, Jane McMillan, display is awesome.  Apart from the no smoking label and clock in the middle......

That was all I saw on this visit today.  Well I did see one other room which I hope has been sorted as it looked awful (I did not say so)  and I was told not to go upstairs to the large hall as it was chaos.  So I beggared off.

No wind.  But the sea was rough from yesterday's wind.

The Kessock Burn has lost all its carved sides.

Boats going home to the harbour.

A brief walk for me.

The DP returned home and we had our dinner.  He is chair of the Fraserburgh Art Group and was totally shattered.  But went back for the preview evening.  There may be some wine left over as I have decided not to go as I fear crowded, hot rooms and I havent had my flu jab yet.  (And I have my own wine.)

The exhibition proper begins tomorrow at 10 a.m.  I hope to see lots of red dots from this evening.  We make a point of inviting people with money as opposed to the rest of the weekend when it tends to be relatives and family viewing the kids entries.  I would really like to sell just one of my paintings.  I did notice today my contribution to Cornerstone Charity auction that my donated painting had sold.  I get nothing for that only a warm glow.

Thursday, 19 October 2017


I've been framed!

Even the worst painting looks better mounted/framed.  I have my alter ego in the shedudio if ever I want a laugh.

So today was me totally stressed out.  Last ts crossed and i s dotted.  No more.  

My latest, probably silly bit of stressing is I am advised to keep away from crowded rooms.  Not from some psychopathic  urge to kill everyone, but fear of catching an infection.  Tomorrow night is the preview.  Will see how I feel in the morning as to whether I go or not.  I have gone the longest ever since I was first diagnosed with COPD without a chest infection.

No walk today as it was dark and wet.  Is anyone in the UK getting any nice weather?  Apologies to everyone called Brian but we have him storming his way in next.  

However some stress busting art got done in the afternoon.  Almost got this years Christmas card finished.

Few more twigs and some witty words required.  

Bird watching.  Was convinced - for a while - that this was a Brambling.

But decided it was a boring young male Chaffinch not quite got the colouring?

Our neighbours across the park/field have their pregnant sheep in their field.  Their primary school aged son cares for them - very well I might add.  He comes from a long line of fermers. (Doric) 

The tree felling continues next door.  70 foot high pine trees coming down.  He is waiting for a strong wind in the 'right direction' before he fells the ones closest to his house.  Fortunately the ones which would have hit the shedudio are safely felled.

Roll on Monday when it is all over. The exhibition I mean!

Wednesday, 18 October 2017


The Garage roofers were with us again today - but have finished.  All done and the DP has been up the ladder and approved it all.  We still have one of the team to come next week and sort out the three dormer windows.  Well impressed.  

They shifted their truck to let me out and I escaped to the Esplanade.

Bracing weather .  Quite bracing.

Surfer still loving it.

And the Gull gang gathering.


Lots of blank spaces in the shedudi0 as the paintings are bubble wrapped and put in the granny shopping trolley, browsers I have emptied as they are to go for the exhibition. The browsers that is.  As are the table top stands.  I am exhausted.  

Then there's the labelling. Plus as some people are away - this being tattie fortnight when all the schools are shut for 2 weeks - we have bags full of other peoples art/photographic work for the exhibition to take in.  Both the DP and I are overwhelmed and whacked.

Why do I/we do it?  I ask myself.  Well art and photography are good for the soul.  They are good for retired people, people with mental and physical challenges.  So thats why.

I am still shattered.  My physical and mental challenges have exhausted me.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Not much to report.

Today the roofers arrived.

On the left of the house you can see the attached garage.  The roof leaked.  (This is an old aerial photo by the way.  Just concentrate on the garage.)  The roof was asbestos.  Oh dear.  Anyway plan A was to remove asbestos roof and repair/replace rotting roof trusses then replace roof.

Knock on the door.  "I just found our first problem."  saith the main man roofer.  

Turned out that the roof of the garage was constructed in such a way that plan A meant the whole gable of the house could disintegrate, i.e. fall down. Our house is mainly granite walls but there is the odd bit of breeze block in there too.

 So Plan B - repair the rotting wood trusses.  Then make a frame above existing roof and line then lay new roof.  With me so far?  Well I was lost.  

Anyway we agreed I wanted to stop it leaking so on we go.  And apparently the end price wouldnt be so different.....And big plus the DP would not have to take frequent trips to the tip with the asbestos roofing.

So this is them in.

There is the hole in the roof letting the rain in.

All our electrical bits hanging down or possibly the roofers.  I have now lost the plot.

So - as you and I can see we still view the asbestos, well it might not be asbestos but its corrugated and that leads everyone to believe its asbestos, roof.  Which will remain.

Then things got really exciting.

This is our roofers van.  

Now if you remember I have told you before about our narrow country road.  So the roofers  are coming back after disappearing for their lunch.  They are approaching another white van which is heading straight for them.  So take avoiding action which ends up with them demolishing a stone dyke (wall) and getting stuck in the field.  It took 2 tractors to get them out.  

The driver of the offending vehicle owned up - he was watching his satnav - which was on the passenger seat.  

You have to be kidding. No. 

So his firm is paying for the wall to be put back and the damage to our roofers truck.  No life was lost.  Just a bit of an increase on my stress levels.

Not much to report. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Monday, 16 October 2017

The end is nigh.

Do not panic.  I meant the end of planning for FASE 4.  Our Annual Art exhibition which kicks off Friday, taking in the work to be exhibited.  I t-h-i-n-k I have now got all the paper work done.  

Although the way the weather has been the end could be nigh.

Hurricane Ophelia.  Poor Ireland.  The Hurricane has apparently whipped up sand from the Sahara and the smoke from poor Portugal and Spain who are experiencing Forest Fires.  

So I have had an alert from the British Lung Foundation to stay indoors.

The strange coloured skies, and halos round the sun, the rest of the U.K. have seen, the total dark skies covering the North East of Scotland all this afternoon.  Ah.  

Air pollution.  Breathing difficulties.  And Mr Trump will be blaming something else other than global warming.

So I have stayed inside.  Apart from a brief trip down to the shedudio.

It was quite a while until the birds came to the feeder.  The skies lightened a little after 3 p.m.  But it was still windy so the next picture is blurred!

The rain lashed down.

In the end I went back up to the house.