Friday, 26 August 2016

Getting older.

One of the most frustrating things about old age is forgetting nouns.


Trying to speak a name of a person, or thing.

We moved a plant recently for the patio and path to be constructed.  The times this plant has come up in conversation..... I describe it, where it was, where it now is, the fact that Rusty Duck said it would survive Armageddon.  That the plant I always wanted was a variety of said plant.

So while mentally going through the alphabet to get to said plants name and consistently coming up with the letter M.  It finally hit me. Or the brain.


Usually known as Crocosmia.  And the one I want is Crocosmia Lucifer.


Thursday, 25 August 2016


I am still here!  
I always tried to inject my somewhat warped sense of humour into my blog posts.  But along the way I lost the sense of humour.  I am struggling back.  

Me at a very young age.

And now - on what I call the path of doom.  If its hot its like an oven.  But this is my walk every day. From the car to where the dunes start is .59 of  mile. Every day is my aim.  Behind me here is the turning point where the chariot cannot go. I turn and return to the car  -thats the .59 finish.  The blue railings are just the right height for me to grab on to and do my breathing exercises to regain control of my breathing.

I see some funny things on my daily walks.  This is a one to one tuition on surfing with warm up exercises which I have yet to see any of the professional surfers do.

 Or this !

Because of the many stops to put oxygen into my lungs (26% capacity - shit)  I get many photo opportunites  to picture the wildlife.  Small Tortoiseshell.

White collared snails. Which are really lovely and favour just one dead hogweed plant.

And then in the afternoon after my walk I am down the shedudio painting.  So life isnt all that bad.

And with my paintings I always have something to laugh at.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Face the Music and Dance. Ha.

Would that I could!  

So what have I been doing since I last posted?

Faced the Music. The annual Jazz lunch.  Great fun.  Although you may have gathered our wonderful musicians are not in the first flush of youth they can still make music.  Tell jokes, sing, though not much dancing.  Last year certain ladies got up and boogied. 

Possibly they have been banned.

I then had a chest infection.  

Midway through the month along came my fifth grandchild. First born for my second daughter.  

Took his time and poor daughter went through every chapter in giving birth book.  But a good result. 8lb 15oz.  I have four daughters, all totally different.  This wee boy is the spitting image of his Mum.  I was never that lucky.  One consultant asked me if they had the same Father......

We have applied for Attendance Allowance.  One of the worst experiences of my life being assisted in filling out the form and having to face up to what I can no longer do.  

The parting shot from the lovely CAB lady was "When you get turned down I will do your appeal."


I am to be assessed by Occupational Health.  Boards across the bath were mentioned. 

Still painting.

Sold one.

Still walking.  Although its not just me and the sea birds anymore.  Schools off in Scotland. The beach is full.

Though if I do the full .59 of a mile its more peaceful.

Masses of Harebells.

And a Snail Park!

No much of these guys as there are too many dogs and people.

And to add to my woes....

Keep dancing.


Saturday, 2 July 2016

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside.....

After yesterdays thunder and rain we got the Summer back big time.

The above was the cloud formation that preceded the heaviest July rain ever witnessed yesterday.   Had I known what the cloud presaged I would have got back to the car sooner as I was soaked.  

As explained before I try to walk along the prom prom prom every day.  Unless there is a hooley blowing which has -literally- blown me over, then I go.

Although I had two days off the walking as it was our annual visual art exhibition.  A great success, apart from not many sales, but then in the present climate quite understandable.

As you will see the Dawn Patroller won best visitor vote for his photograph.

I put one of my original watercolour paintings in the raffle.

As well as not selling any paintings I also discovered I can't give them away as so far it hasnt been claimed.......

On the plus side I now have my path down to the Shedudio and a Patio.

It is wonderful.  I can now scoot down to the shedudio, sit outside, zoom round the pots - when we have put them back - still a bit of tweaking to do saith the gardener.

I will leave you with one of my paintings titled "Oh we do not like to be beside the seaside...."

Saturday, 18 June 2016

What a week.

Rain, rain and more rain.

I did try and go for my walk.  But not only was it raining it was misty and windy at the same time.  And cold. Plus I had one of my chest infections.

Surfers get wet anyway so they were still out.

I managed to
get down the shedudio and painted.

Because next weekend is 

And I have been doing a lot of the admin work, advertising, entry forms, etc. etc.  And painting and having stuff framed for it.

Now on steroids, antibiotics, new inhalers.  The sun finally reappeared today and as drugs kicked in I managed the walk.

I survived the week !  On a note of interest to some the sun sets tonight at 11 minutes past 10 - allegedly.  It still has a way to go. 

10.19 p.m.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Smoothing my path.

Here is the finished path.

Grass seed is going along the edges.

What was a surprise plus was how well the plants look with the  sleeper edging.  This bit of garden was nurtured and planted by me when I could.

I have had a few practice runs now and, apart from more practice in carrying a cappucino down, it is brilliant.

This gives you an idea of the slope we have.  Thanks to the gardener for noticing it was less where he has now put the path.  (Nothing like as steep as Jessica's precipitous bank which you can see on her blog Rusty Duck  - sorry I still cant master links but well worth looking at.)

What you see here on the ground are called chuckies up here in the North East of Scotland.  Decorative stone anywhere else.  And not helpful to chariots.  So my next plan is to have it paved.  A patio no less. I may even be able to potter amongst me pots again.  YAY.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Great Expectations.

The way down to the shedudio.  Left out of the kitchen door.  

And down the steps.  Coming back up - well.  Carrying anything, walking and breathing quite an issue.

We really didnt want to lose the arch.  It has honeysuckle, clematis and ivy holding it up.  It is used by the birds on their way to and from the feeding station. Some nest in it too. 

But then our gardener came up with a plan.

Today he began.

Still turn left out of the kitchen door. But then..... turn right.

There is the arch on the left so we keep that.  

The new path down to the shedudio. Brilliant !  Ladies Mantle and pots will be moved. Wee ramp into shedudio. More independence for moi.  The chariot and I can go down and up, I sling onto the chariots handlebars whatever I need to take down, and ditto coming back.  The DP no longer has to carry anything for me.  Tomorrow our wonderful gardener returns to finish the job.  Of course I will bore you all rigid with the second instalment.

We lost a Box bush which would have needed shaping and or taking cuttings from.  Too old for that. Me, not the plant. Also a Crocosmia which isnt lost.  The DP will split it and replant around the garden.  Great Expectations it will survive.