Monday, 19 February 2018

A Dreich Day.

Raining and never stopped.

This morning I spoke to the Eye Clinic.  

Can I wash my hair, the only way I can wash my hair is leaning over the bath and using the shower head?  

Yes so long as I do not get water in my eye..... Still thinking about that one.  

Two. Can I restart my Pulmonary Physio exercises which involve weight lifting, albeit only 1.5 lbs. NO. No weight lifting for some weeks.  Wasnt til I had finished the phone call I thought of the chariot.  Lifting it in and out of the car, and repeat and repeat.  Which I have been doing since the cataract operation...... Whoops.  Think I will just carry on.  (I do not remember any of these instructions following my first delivery of a bionic eye.)

Wet.  Misty. 

Seriously worried about getting rain water in the eye.  Despite sunglasses.  (I am sure everyone who saw me thought I was totally mad.)

Coming in to the harbour, out of the wet gloom, the Orkney Ferry.  Looking decidedly rusty.

Presumably going into the harbour to be spruced up somewhat.  Not sure what they do in the Orkneys while it is down here.

Back home the garden birds were feeding up.

Yesterday we had the return of the Grey Partridges!  

Thrilled to have them again. Hopefully regular visitors and babies too.

My sanity returned by my sojourn in the shedudio.  Painting.  Still wet.

Finding the walls round the stove are not getting hot the DP is now re-hanging some paintings.

All good.  And a better weather forecast for tomorrow!

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Update of not a lot really.

The sign has already been knocked down (but our 'new fence' is still standing!)

Mondays and Thursdays is when the DP goes shopping.  So now I am worrying as to whether he will get back home tomorrow.  I have tried to email one of our local councillors but I am told the email address is wrong despite being on all websites and I copied and pasted.....We are perilously low on oil and logs do they deliver?

I went for my walk.  The tide is still high when I go so no sea birds on the shore.

One of the large fishing boats returning to harbour, although it does appear to be heading for the caravan park!

Some different views of the beach - at high tide.

With a different slant, some of the inlets close to the edge.  Pretty.

My eyes appear to be now coordinating with each other.  

Well they don't look too cockeyed so far. 

 It is a bind having two lots of eye drops, 5 minutes apart, four times a day.  But I am not complaining. Much.  

I am going to phone the clinic tomorrow as I really would like to wash my hair, and resume the pulmonary physio exercises.  One is not supposed to get water/shampoo into the eye.  Lean over so to do.  And lifting weights is a definite no no. So will be checking on how much of a no no these are.  I do not remember any of this from the last time.  Hey ho.

One of my daughter and her daughter both achieved a yellow belt at Karate today!

Meanwhile the DP does battle with the garden making more dead branch piles.

A thug of a Lilac, which we have now decided to actually completely remove.  And there is another at the other side of the shedudio.  If he can get out and return he is to purchase an incinerator as the last one disintegrated.  Did us good service though.

So there you go - not a lot really.  Nitty gritty of life as we know it.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Thanks for telling us!

When: 19 February 2018 to 23 February 2018
Exact location: TR A90 at Lakeview House to U19B at Cherry Cottage 
Details: Carriageway Repairs 
Diversion: TR A90 to B9033 near Greenburn, B9033 to C17B at Gowanfold Crossroads and C17B to U19B 
PDF map: Diversion and closure map - C17B Cortes - Inverallochy Road (PDF 768KB)

A sign has appeared by our house.  Saying the road will be closed from Monday to Friday this week.  It appeared on Friday.  No chance of contacting anyone at the Cooncil by the time I saw it.  Am I to be marooned?  Unable to get out.  Would you not have thought a letter to us and other occupiers affected, there arent that many of us.  What about the farmers getting out , Postie getting in and Dustbins being emptied.  Totally gobsmacked.  Our road is mostly single track with passing places.  I have not noticed any major issues, unlike most of the main roads and town centres with huge damaging pot holes.  Why us?  Its about 1 and a half miles long the road.  We are Cherry Cottage by the way.  I have logs being delivered and possibly need an oil tank delivery when the DP checks the tank.  

Just beggars belief.

Sorry, I had to rant.  An old aerial photo of the road.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Socialising can be very tiring.

For some time now I have been avoiding going out for coffee, lunch, meeting people.  During the flu season I would have been stupid had I gone into cafes, shops, whatever as the sound of the nurse saying "Just do not get a chest infection" rang in my ears.  So apart from my daily walks in the clean, fresh, sea air I have not been anywhere.  Even avoided shops.  Now that is a sacrifice.

Our friends run the Dunes Golf Centre.  Also the very popular cafe.  It was time to return.  If I get a chest infection now it is not going to prevent the cataract operation, now done.

Lovely to be welcomed back.  So chatting away to our friends and the lovely waitresses was so pleasurable. 

While we were sitting having our meal I espied with my new bionic eye, masses of birds in the field.

Curlews!  Even the DP was impressed with my spotting of them.  Although when I first saw them coming in to land I thought they were crows.  The sun was behind them - ok!

 After which I went for my walk, while the DP went off home to do more domestic things.

The tide was just on the turn, not enough beach for the sea birds to land.

Ah, the Lone Surfer waits for the surf.

Back into the Shedudio.  Out of my comfort zone doing a landscape....

The woodburner was behaving so well I had to remove clothing.

The Pheasants battling still.

Right, back to Socialising can be tiring.. I am totally shattered.  So much so I am here doing the blog, waiting til its time for the eye drops and then bed.  The DP reminds me I need to breathe to talk.  And there is the problem!  Hey ho.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Out at last.

Sounds as if I have been cooped up for days when it was actually only one!  Today the wind had eased so off I went.

Tide changed again so back to high = no sea birds on the beach.

Fishing boat "Awa on the hunt."

The Surfers entering the North Sea as if it was a warm bath!

Back home.  The stuff we had cleared out was for the charity Children First, and was collected on time.

Me down to the cosy Shedudio.

So impressed with myself.  I worked out how to flip the photograph!  My two Male Pheasants are now facing each other.

Even more impressed with myself I have gone completely out of my comfort zone and have begun a landscape painting.

Doesnt look like much at the moment. But I have high hopes.

I had a pleasant afternoon.  I sat in the warmth of the stove watching the birds feed.  The sun was out, unlike when I walked....

This evening the DP has gone to his Photographic Society meeting.  I had another win with new technology.  I got the new DVD player to work.  I watched the 2 Cellos in concert.  One of the pieces they played was 'Smells like Teen Spirit'  What memories that brought back.  My angst ridden teenagers playing Nirvana non stop.  I quite like it now!

Wednesday, 14 February 2018


No more Winter.  I have had enough.

Today we have had strong winds.  Gusting to 50 mph -  plus.  Horizontal sleet.  It it were snow at least it would look pretty.  So COLD.

So no trip to the Prom today.

As it was I had waterproof trousers on, four layers on the top half, woolly hat, gloves, boots, sunglasses to protect the operation site, and that was just to get down to the shedudio.  Thank goodness no-one had a camera.

Most of the clippings the DP had piled up on the patio have removed themselves.  As has my glass topped patio table which is upside down under a tree.  Just hoping it hasnt cracked.

It was nice and cosy warm with the woodburner.  Although the doors to the shedudio rattled alarmingly.  I am now googling replacement double glazed doors for a summer house which of course, but to my surprise, you can actually get.  Haven't dared look as far as price of.

So sunglasses off.  I did some painting.

I am about ready to start on his competitor on the territorial front.  The photograph shows the other one in retreat.  I am hoping I can flip the photo so they are beak to beak not sure my technical skills are up to that but worth a try as it would make a better picture!

Weather forecast is better tomorrow.  Wind dying down - well - manageable - and no snow, rain or sleet.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Sleet, snow and cold.


I had to do my monthly meter reading for Octopus our current green electricity provider.  Very pleasing to see the consumption has already gone down thanks to the wood burner, in the shedudio.  Had to happen as now two electric heaters are redundant!

I bit the bullet and drove myself down to the Prom.

Bitterly cold.  Snowing. I opened the car window to take this picture and the next of the paddle surfer.

Then had to wipe the lens and the rest of the camera!

It was wonderful not to have to nearly break my neck to look right at junctions as the new bionic eye performed perfectly.

Back home and down the shedudio I realised that now my right eye was working I needed to rearrange the work space so that the light fell better for vision/painting/drawing.

Not sure this position will be right.  But it was better than when I faced towards the doors.  As my right eye hasn't worked for over a year at least, this is a whole new eyeball game.

And I am now facing the garden birds.

Which is a distraction.  Both to them and me.

I did a bit more moving of other stuff.  More to do.  Plus I managed to use the vinegar spray and clean some windows.  So that was my exercise today.  Hope to be back doing Pulmonary physio tomorrow.  I was told not to do any vacuuming, humping same around.  Haven't done that for some time.  But I do pump iron, actually heavy plastic. 2.5 kg.  The DP tells me that is lighter than the vacuum.  And he should know.....

So - the pair of Grey Partridges begun. I cannot begin to tell you what a pleasure it is to put the paint brush where I want it to go.  Without squinting or cursing.

Tomorrow it is to be very windy.  35 mph gusting to whatever.  

We are clearing out our cupboards and upstairs the vacuum packed bedding.  I saw a plea in facebook for a family who have nothing.  There are just the two of us.  We brought a lot here from running the b&b.  Thinking family visiting.  Family has increased.  No way they could all visit at once any more.  So let us sort and provide where it is needed and will be used instead of sitting in a cupboard - just in case.  William Morris would be pleased.